Our Services

Our Services

Website Design & SEO

We cover all bases when it comes to creating and improving your business’s online presence from custom website design, hosting, maintenance, security and Google optimisation. We take extra steps to ensure the right people land on your website when they should. Check out some of our recent work here.

Website Design

 We specialise in custom website design for businesses who previously had little-to-no online presence. We design fully-response websites using best-practice methods. Regardless of your industry or goal, we can find a solution that will tell your brand story whilst connecting to more customers online.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We optimise your website to ensure it surfaces in Google on only the most relevant search terms (keywords) that make sense for your business. This drives leads to your business whilst also promoting a good experience for your customers. By undergoing keyword research and writing keyword-rich content, we can verify our approach with data to ensure maximum effectiveness, resulting in boosted visibility for your website.

We create and manage a Google my Business listing (if you don’t have one already) to capture the local searches of customers near-by and ensure your business surfaces off the most relevant keywords.


Get a quote » Starts from $500/month

Domains, Hosting & Security

We take care of all the back-end responsibilities that come with creating and maintaining your website.

In order to have a functioning website, you must have three elements. Please see a breakdown of these elements below using a property analogy:

  • Website Hosting: Think of this as a plot of land from which you can build your house/website on. Website hosting allows you to store your websites data and assets, to then be served to your website visitors. We use local severs to ensure your website loads fast and remains complicit with Google so you surface when you should.
  • A Domain: Think of a domain as an address (except on the internet), so people know where to locate your website (eg www.todd-digital.com.au). We help you find the right domain name for your business and buy these domains (with your say-so). Generally you will own these for 1-2 years at which point you have the option to renew.
  • A Website: Think of your website as a house, which needs both an address and plot of land to be built on. We can build your house (website) to any given specification ranging from single-page websites to complex 8 page feature-rich websites.

We also offer a free SSL security certificate that tells visitors that you are the verified owner of the website, and that their data is safe and encrypted.


Get a quote » Starts from $50/month

Other Services

Not only do we design and build custom websites, we also aim to provide access to other key services that come with the creation of an online presence. With expertise in areas ranging from content writing to logo design, we take the leg work out of the entire process to deliver to consolidated packed for you.

logo Design

Don’t have a logo? No worries.  Based off a simple visual brief, we can build out a bespoke logo that aligns with your brand and resonates with your customers, regardless of your chosen industry or vertical.

Get a quote » Starts from $300

Content Writing

Unsure on what you want to say about your business or a little strapped for time? We can come up come up with bespoke content to flesh out your website whilst following the narrative you chose to tell. All we would need is some examples of your desired tone and what image you are trying to portray to your customers.

Custom Email Domain

Don’t have a business email address? Fear not! We can create and configure a professional email domain for your business to align with your brand. Get in touch to find out how this can benefit your business.

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Our Process


Our first step is always to understand your goals. Whether you are looking to create a brand-new website or optimise your website to get more views from Google.


We take a collaborative approach to design where we will circulate mock-ups and examples of our direction, in an effort to get feedback and make any necessary changes prior to building.


Once we have a creative direction locked-down, we use data to confirm how we technically  position your website. This is informed by competitors’  and broad keyword research.


Now that the majority of the decisions have been made, the build phase can begin. Following this, there will be provisions for feedback rounds to ensure a speedy delivery.

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